Self Help Card Game


Who We Are

TraveLight is a futuristic fun card game designed to rescue people from dysfunctional relationships and hardships in life. In life, one must do a reality check in order to identify and deal with personal baggage that can affect every area of their life. This game is all about that. 


Playing TraveLight

Only playing the game will not provide a life change. As one learns to apply the principles of the game, it brings about the cognitive logic of how to get rid of excess baggage by replacing it with light baggage. That is how one can learn how to TraveLight. 


How It Works

In the TraveLight card game, the animals, along with the Light People, Sunny, and Destiny, act out circumstances people face on an everyday basis. The animals in the card game give examples of how to TraveLight because they instinctively know this principle. 

 *A portion of the proceeds will be donated to to Pitbulls and Parolees.