In the TraveLight card game, the animals, along with the Light People, Sunny & Destiny, act out circumstances people face on an everyday basis. The animals in the card game give examples of how to TraveLight because they instinctively know this principle. In life one must take a Reality Check in order to identify and deal with Personal Baggage that can affect every area of his/her life.

The Card Categories
  • Personal Baggage
    This card must be discarded first because it is the heaviest baggage we carry! You will lose your next turn if you do not have a Reality Check card. Discard the card in the discard side of the card tray. Draw and hold. All other plays, draw and then discard.

  • Reality Check
    The discard side of card tray is a figurative place such as a dog pen, dog house, pound or obedience school. By playing the Reality Check, the animal is rescued from these oppresive places and each Reality Check card is a general behavior that will clear up any of the Personal Baggage.

  • Wrong Turn
    This card is played against your opponent. He/She will lose their next turn if they do not have a Movin' On card.

  • Movin' On
    Movin' On cards represent the second chance we can always get in life! These correct a Wrong Turn. Note that after all Wrong Turn cards are played, you may use your Movin' On card for an extra draw.

  • Excess Baggage/Light Baggage
    As these are played, remember to announce the card being played. I.E. "Ive been Toxic Thinking today." Creating dialogue about the issues on each card is extremely helpful for ideas to be conveyed, remembered, and applied to real life!

  • Light Years
    Score Cards